When it comes to sex, there is a time to say yes and a time to say no. Do you know the difference?
If you are a young person reading this, you may think that everyone in your high school or university is having sex. Well, that’s simply not true.
Research shows that more than half of young people are not sexually active. What are your views on having sex with someone other than your one-day husband or wife? Do you think it’s acceptable, or maybe even a good idea? Are you unsure?
Here are  some thoughts:

  1. Sex was designed by God to bond husbands and wives together: There is a very powerful hormone called oxytocin which is released during sex and it’s literally a bonding hormone. It brings you and your partner closer together. So if you are sleeping around with other people before you get married, you are essentially gluing yourself to them and you take those experiences into your marriage. Yikes!
  2. Sex makes an imprint on your mind and emotions: Every sexual encounter makes an imprint on your mind which cannot be easily erased. So when you finally are married, your mind and emotions are imprinted with more people than just your spouse.
  3. Waiting is not as hard as it seems but is totally worth it: Are you feeling pressured to have sex before you are married? The truth is that you are in charge of yourself and no-one can pressure you into doing anything you don’t want to. Not everyone is doing it, you are not weird for waiting until you are married and it is not normal to be sleeping around.

Quite the opposite, actually. God created you and He designed our bodies for sex but, in the Bible, He makes it clear to stay away from it outside of a marriage relationship – why? Because He created us, He knows the harmful effects of sex when it’s outside of marriage. He wants to protect us and set us up for a win when it comes to our marriage.
If you have engaged in sex outside of marriage, it’s not the end of the world. God is loving and gracious, always willing to forgive us, wipe away our mistakes, and give us a fresh start. To learn more about this, click on the link below or on the pop-up.
Check back next week for Part 2 where we will look at practical ways to say no to sex now so you can enjoy it to its full once you are married.