So often we can find ourselves at the hand of comments and criticisms from people.

‘You did that wrong. Do not do that. Do this better.’

As humans, we are constantly being told to be better and do better, and this can cause us to doubt who we are and begin to question our own existence and the decisions we make.

Doubt (especially self-doubt) is a dangerous thing. When we doubt ourselves and who we are, we are not only putting less value on ourselves but we are putting less value on the value we have been giving by God. You see it’s important to remember that:

You were not made by accident

There is actually a God in heaven, who made you the way you are. This God thought of you (deeply and with intention) and then formed you to be alive at this very moment in time. What happens when we start to doubt our self is that we actually start to become overwhelmed with sadness and then we find our self in a rut which many times is so hard to come out of.  All because we wallowed in our self-pity and our self-doubt.

You see, self-doubt is a normal part of being a human. With so many different people and personalities, doubt us inevitable. However this doesn’t change God’s love, purpose and plan for us. When we start to shift our thinking away from the doubt and towards God’s point of view, we realize that we were made to be great and can start to do great.

So don’t you think it’s time for your to start shifting your thoughts of self-doubt, to thoughts of Self Care?