Fans attending the recent launch of Hillsong Young and Free’s new album, Youth Revival, at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles got a pleasant surprise when none other than songstress Selena Gomez jumped on stage to perform her new song Nobody.

The song is actually a compelling worship song. When a fan on Twitter recently asked Gomez what inspired her to write the song, she simply replied: “God. Nobody is about Him.”

At the concert, she said: “Tonight is more than a concert; it’s more than Hillsong; it’s more than me coming on stage, singing a song for you,” she said. “It’s about a relationship that is greater than anything, guaranteed.”

The first verse of the song includes the lyrics: “No heart, no hands, no skin, no touch / Can get me there, nowhere enough / To love me like you do, to love me like you do / No kiss, no lips, no feel, no rush / Can keep me high, I swear no one.”

Watch below to see how it went down at the Hillsong Young and Free launch performance.


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