We all want to be happy, healthy and full of energy, but how do we achieve such an out of this world goal? It seems so far fetched, like some kind of science fiction movie.  In a recent blog I wrote called “Joy can not be contained”, I speak about the difference between joy and happiness.

Happiness and the well-being feeling is something we all need, especially in the hustle and bustle of this life.  If you’re anything like me and have several fingers in several pies, it can be quite demanding, and you will need to find ways to relax and survive the potential chaos around you.

Here are my secrets to a happy life:

  1. Pray often
  2. Be grateful
  3. Smile, even when it’s hard
  4. Be kind to others
  5. Be uniquely you, and nothing less!
  6. Have fun, childlike fun
  7. Sleep and rest
  8. Take frequent short breaks and go outside
  9. Pick up a healthy hobby
  10. Walk for at least 10 minutes a day
  11. Eat enough healthy meals and snacks daily
  12. Speak to or visit a friend or family member
  13. Thank God at the end of every day

Your happy list might look very different from mine, but these are things I try doing on a daily basis – I find they help me to be a happier and friendlier person.

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