I love people but sometimes I struggle to understand why some people set their expectations so low. It’s as though they are okay with average. As though they have given up and decide that an average job living and an average life is acceptable.

I was reminded about this the other day when chatting to a friend. He mentioned how he feel like he’s hit a dead-end in life and that he’s okay with his job and life because it’s paying the bills.

It was hard to hear at first because he has so much talent and ability. Many conversation we have end with me telling him he needs to open his own business.

I started thinking about how often we can just settle for less than we should. There is nothing wrong with wanting security and being comfortable but sometimes we choose to settle because we think we either don’t deserve the best or are too scared to take a leap of faith.

Don’t get stuck being mediocre because of a wrong mindset. Always push for the things you want to achieve because not only do you deserve the chance to succeed but the bible tells us that good planning and hard work lead to prosperity and success.

Don’t let the world we live in dictate the outcome of your life, always push for something better and never settle fo second best.

God Speed.

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