I was sitting in a meeting with a group of teachers that were discussing issues that they feel they are facing within the classroom, both from the students, as well as from the parents. Parents are placing unrealistic pressure on their children, as well as on the teachers.

Teachers are starting to feel the pressure that they are expected to both parent, as well as teach the children, whilst the parents take a backseat and focus on all of the other demands that requires their attention. Parents are expecting the teachers to achieve and push for perfect results both academically, creatively, and emotionally.


Because the parents expect it, and so do the children. Young learners, as well as parents, are not wanting to put in the work from their side, instead they are now demanding the educators to do all of the work when it comes to raising their children.

Parents vs Teachers

Because we live in a day and age where both parents are expected to work, and live very fast paced lives with unrealistic demands and expectations placed on them, they are now placing the pressure on to teaches to fix all the parts that they, the parents, cannot see to or have the time and energy to see to.

Parents are now emailing or texting teachers all hours of the night, in their private time asking all sorts of questions or making various demands. Teachers are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and completely exhausted trying to play both “parent and teacher” to their students, as well as have a life of their own and family to take care of.

Parents and teachers need to work together

As a parent, and as a teacher myself, I do understand where both parties are coming from, and how both sides feel the pressure and frustration. Yet, as a mom I understand that it is my responsibility when it comes to shaping and emotional well-being of my son. My son’s teacher will obviously show my son love and support as best as possible, but her primary job is to educate him and stretch his mind and imagination.

Therefore, we both work together to get the best out of my son. That means at home after a long exhausting day of work, I too need to parent and put work in with my son when it comes to the shaping of his mind, character, and emotional wellbeing.

I think that as parents we forget that we need to work with the teachers in order to bring out the best in our children. We can’t only expect the teachers to make magic happen, we all need to put in the work together as united front! Instead of targeting your child’s teacher and trying to find faults or silly things to argue over with your child’s teacher. Find a happy medium where both parties are on the same page, and work together as a means of bringing out the best of your child.

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