I recently had an “oh my gosh” kind of moment. I was involved in a hit and run. It was probably the craziest and wildest thing I have ever experienced.

I was driving on the highway back home from a friend’s house when I noticed a car speeding up on my right side. He then hit me and I drove off the high straight into a fence – and he just left the scene.

I came out alright, a few bumps and bruises here and there. My car is a total wreck, but I’m happy to be alive.

Being in a situation like that made me think about a lot of stuff that I have never really thought of before, one question being “how did I even end up here.” Needless to say, it has been quite a season, but there are a few things I’ve learnt from this speed bump in life:

1. Think beyond yourself.

It hit me how I was living just for myself. I would make sure that I’m okay and I didn’t really care how my actions would, in turn, affect the people closest to me. In one accident, I almost lost more than just my car, because all I thought about was myself.

Think beyond yourself. The repercussions from your actions could affect the people closest to you.

2. It will get better

Trust me (and this is coming from a person to whom crashing a car was the least of worries), no matter where you find yourself or what season you are in – no matter how low you feel or how difficult it may seem – it can only get better. Stay steadfast.

Don’t live in a world where it takes something drastic to make a drastic change. Live life beyond yourself and trust that everything will work out better in the end. I didn’t mean for this to be such a “heavy” post, but take from it what you may. It’s currently helping me through my season.

God Speed.