It’s funny how a new season can change your perspective on so many things. When I say new season I mean “new season” somethings that’s totally out of my comfort zone yet somehow some way it feels awesome.

I recently started a new line of work which is awesome but also interesting, is now in the fashion industry which is cool, in managing a 3month pop up store which is great. The hours are okay and the pay is good but in this season this step of faith is needed.

Its crazy to me how one little step can totally change your whole season, not in a bad way but in a different way. For example, my focus is now my work. My focus is also my wedding and everything that comes with that but it’s pretty nice being in this season

Some things I’ve learnt in this season it in.

1. Appreciation

You learn to appreciate the time you do get when you do things you love, for example, me playing music and being in church, I’ve learnt to maximise my time in church now which is awesome for because you feel way more productive.

2. You grow tougher skin

Sometimes going into a new season it’s hard to not look back to the past seasons and not wish you’re there, also when you move into a new season sometimes people are people and they say hurtful things or view you differently. I’ve learnt that in this season growing a tougher skin and being confident in my season is better than allowing everything to effect this awesome life stepped in.

3. Growing in capacity

Every season I feel like my capacity grows a little, even if it may not feel it physically some way or some form my capacity grows. Whatever reason you are entering into or whatever season you may be in always make sure that you are growing as a person. Ways that help me grow is reading great leadership books or teaching. Sometimes watching someone’s life is the greatest lesson.

Whatever season you find yourself in, new, old or repetitive don’t ever forget to own the season you are in, never lose hope for your future and appreciate everything that comes with a new season, the good and the bad.


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