I recently watched the movie ‘Straight out of Compton’  and it brought back so many memories. Not that I was alive when N.W.A started or even Ruthless records but for as long as I can remember every significant moment in my life had an N.W.A soundtrack.

Watching the movie was inspiring. Just a bunch of friends who had a dream to make it big and eventually got their major breakthrough.

Sometimes I feel, especially in the music industry, some people give up on their dreams because there is no immediate reward but what set the greats apart from lesser artists is their consistent commitment to their passion.

It has to be said that at times N.W.A’s lyrics are a bit vulgar and brutally honest but behind them is a message. There is always a story and behind the story, there are a group of guys trying to make a difference.

N.W.A have inspired me, not only in their personal style but also to make a difference. Their methods may have been what society needed at that time and would definitely not go down well in this decade but their passion for seeing a difference and their love for music spoke loudly.

Some are reading this and may not even know who they are or even like hip hop music but you can learn from everything in life even if it’s something out of your comfort zone.

Their passion was stirred even more by the Death of Eazy-E, one of their founders. It was inspiring how through a friends struggle they managed to pull together and come out with some of the world’s greatest hip-hop songs every.

Always be inspired.

God Speed.