make it happen

In life, it is often easier to take the approach of waiting. You wait for things to happen. You wait for people to give you something. In short, it’s a passive approach to life.

This passive approach was highlighted in my own life because, to be honest, my natural tendency is to wait for things. It’s a lot easier and it requires a lot less effort.

But God began to challenge me on this. Yes, sometimes it’s good to wait, but often it just becomes an excuse to do nothing. We sit and wait when in fact we should have been making things happen.

I recently listened to a great speaker who spoke on this very topic. He explained that it’s always the best choice to take action with regards to the things you want to achieve in life – even if you’ve failed before. It’s about having the ability to pick yourself up and move forward, rather than settling for what you have around you and waiting for a breakthrough.

It’s about being pro-active. Some people have a more pro-active nature – they are born that way. But if you’re not, it doesn’t mean you’re off the hook! It takes discipline and small changes to train your brain to be more proactive, and I’ve had to make an effort recently to introduce more of that into my life.

Sitting around waiting sometimes creates a false expectation – and when things don’t pan out the way you’d hoped, it really does bring you down. When you take action, however, you take ownership, and achieving a measure of success brings immense satisfaction.

Let’s stop waiting – it’s time to take action!


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