I currently in possibly one of the most biggest seasons of my life so far. It’s big because I’m trying to plan a wedding, keep focussed at work and still manage my other responsibilities as well.  You would think I would find this stressful, but to be honest I don’t even feel nervous.

I was recently asked a question about the “big day.”  Someone asked if I was nervous or stressed because it’s literally only a few days away and to be honest I actually feel rested and at ease about the wedding.

For a moment I did ask myself if I should be nervous because it’s a big event in anyone’s life. Then I started thinking if I should start stressing about things but the truth is that I can’t help but feel at peace about the wedding. Although I do know there are a few things leading up to the big day that I need to sort out, for the most part I’m really not worried about much.

Here are a few ways that have helped me balance this season plus planning a massive wedding all at the same time:

1. Plan ahead

You here this all the time and probably don’t really take it in but for my fiance and I, we started planning as soon as we got engaged. We realised that our lives are too full to leave everything until last-minute. We did as much as we could do with the time we had.

There are however two sides to this. Starting to plan straight away can mean that the first few months of your engagement will be the most stressful part of your relationship. On the other hand when you reach the end of your engagement and the countdown to your wedding starts you can literally sit back and watch it all come together relatively stress free. Even if there are still a few things to sort out, it will a whole lot less stressful.

2. Devote time.

One thing that helped me is that I set aside entire days to focus on one area.  For example, if I said Monday is wedding day then everything that needs to get done for the wedding will happen on that day and I would plan it in such a way that I wouldn’t need to go back to it until my next ‘wedding day’.

This doesn’t mean you can’t check up throughout the week but having dedicated days helps you to focus on one thing and make it strong instead of balancing multiple things and missing important details.

3. Plan to take rests

Sleep and rest are important. I found myself becoming very angry and tired all the time because I wasn’t resting at all. It wasn’t until I started sleeping more hours at night and started going home early instead of going out that my productivity level began to change. I suddenly found myself more productive in a day.

I hope this helped you.

God Speed