Hey! How are you doing? No, I mean how are you really doing?

When faced with this question in our everyday, regular lives the standard, go-to, knee-jerk response is “I’m fine”. It’s part of our language, our social culture, and the acceptable norm to be “fine” –but are you really fine, or is the reality that you’re not actually okay?

No worries

Generally, people tend not to like admitting that they aren’t really okay. We have our public face, the one we show the world, that says “I’ve got this” and “Everything is good with me” but behind closed doors things are anything but okay. In fact, things are a little bit broken, a little hurt, and not fine.

Keep it under wraps

It’s amazing how often we cover up the “not okay” bit of life. The broken heart, the disappointment, the feelings of inadequacy. It might be something huge or it could just be a bad day that leaves you feeling frustrated and defeated but, whatever the cause, it can be hard to admit we’re not doing okay.

Hiding what is really going on may help to preserve your image but it won’t help anyone in the long run. Somehow your pain or sadness will find a voice, and if you’ve been more concerned with being “fine” than acknowledging your need, that voice may be ill-timed and out of control.

The true story

Here’s the thing; It’s okay not to be okay! If you’re looking around at the people in your world thinking “they’ve got it all together” please understand this. You see their “highlights”, the good things, the best moments – but in their “behind the scenes” there are also pressures, frustrations and moments they need someone to encourage them.

A friend in need is a friend indeed

Everyone needs someone sometimes, who will be okay with them needing help or someone to listen. The Bible tells us:

Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.

God knows that there are days when we will struggle and circumstances that we find overwhelming. He sees the difficulties and the pain we have to deal with. He doesn’t tell us to put on a happy face and get over it – he asks us to trust him enough to take our cares and hurts to him.