Do you ever feel like everything is going wrong? A day or a week filled with bad news, like someone is taking shots at everything you do. You can never seem to catch a break.

Recently I experienced a few weeks like this, one thing after the other and to top it all off I found out someone cloned my credit card, so it looked like I was eating two-minute noodles until the bank sorted it out.

It was crazy, I really thought that I was under attack, I felt like everyone hated me and people were out to get me.

A few days ago I was “venting” to a trusted friend, just telling him about life’s problems and I ended the conversation by saying I just wish Jesus could remind me what I’m actually doing. You know, the whole “ask and you will receive” concept?

Well… literally 5 seconds later a girl approached us and said, “I do not know why, but I feel like I need to talk to you guys.”

It’s so funny how life works or God. I was at my lowest but in an instant I was reminded about what I’m doing on earth.

It’s a natural human thing to forget what our purpose is but it didn’t take long before I was reminded about what God wanted from me. It was like a dream because every day since then, even though I still in the same situations with the same people giving me crap, I cannot help but be happy. My life found purpose and I didn’t need anyone to tell me.

Three things I’ve learned from the past few weeks.

  1. Trust a friend

I don’t always vent to many people, in fact I’m an introvert, but if you met me you wouldn’t tell, but I learnt that being open with a friend that you trust, helps your mind and soul become happy, it’s healthy. I`m NOT saying gossip about other people what I am saying is confide in someone who is a friend to your future.

  1. Ask.

Now this one is a simple one, and this works even if you are not Christian. Jesus died for you to ask him for help. It’s a simple concept but asking with an open heart and an honest heart not for personal gain but to see clearly in life, is all God asks for.

  1. Remind yourself.

It’s funny ever since that day, the moment I get down I remind myself of my purpose and that I’m actually doing something far greater than my circumstance. God has giving you a purpose not so you can do a task, He’s given you a purpose so that you can know your identity in Him.

I hope this spoke to your heart the way it did mine, be encouraged and blessed. Your purpose is far greater thank your circumstance.

If this spoke to you and you would like to receive Jesus as you Lord and saviour, click on the link below.

God Speed.

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