Often, as humans, we tend to give up way before our time is up. We give in way too easy because it’s a little tough at the time or something isn’t going our way.

I was thinking recently about ways to ensure that I never give up – even when I’m in a storm. How do you stay strong even when it feels like you are alone and there is no breakthrough?

I came up with nothing. Literally nothing. I tried to think of ways to make it easier to weather a storm, or how to make the season shorter– but I soon came to the conclusion that there is nothing that I can do in my own strength that will sustain me.

But, I did have another realisation: I realised that I am not alone in this. God is with me.

This didn’t take the storm away – but what it did do is give me the confidence to ride that storm out.

All the sayings and motivational quotes in the world won’t help you as much as knowing that you are not alone – that makes all the difference.

Understand this: you are not in that storm by yourself. God is still in control. Everything happens in God’s timing.

Just think: The Creator of the universe is with you.