Genuine two-sided friendship is very hard to find these days. Friendships end so very easily over the smallest of things :

“She didn’t reply to my text and I know she saw it, he is giving off a weird vibe towards me, I wasn’t invited to their special event, she never compliments me.”

The list could go on, and on, and on. No! but really it could go on – when it shouldn’t.  I think we are living in an age where people flake on one another so very easily and over silly things sometimes. Now, yes I get that if a friendship becomes toxic that it should end. However, what I want to encourage is for us is to invest and nurture current or new potential friendships in a healthy way.

Often we expect friends to treat us amazingly well, whilst we take a backseat and become lazy in our friendships. It’s sad, but it’s true. Are you currently being a one-sided friend to somebody else, or are you being lazy in your current friendships? Well fear not, it’s a new year, which means a new you and a chance to turn things around and breathe fresh life over all areas of your life, like your friendships for example.


Struggling to be a good friend? Or perhaps you want to be an even better friend this year. Then the following tips below will breathe fresh life over your friendships.

Show a genuine interest

  • Show a genuine interest in your friends. Know their passions, dreams and hobbies. Ask them about their interests and passions, and encourage them as they explore and express themselves.

Support them

  • Support your friends whenever they are going through something – whether it’s good or bad – just be there. Your presence and support will do the world of good to them.

Encourage them

  • Encouragement instills courage and hope in others. It says ; “Hey, I believe in you and I am cheering you on!”

Challenge one another

  • Challenge friends in a loving sincere manner, friends should sharpen one another to be the best version of themselves.

Invest in one another

  • Spend time with one another. Go for a coffee, or do something fun together. Celebrate each other by investing time in to the friendship.

Forgive and trust

  • People are not perfect, yet we expect them to be. We feel shocked and betrayed when someone messes up or makes a mistake then we bounce out of that friendship. Real authentic friendship does the long distance, which means we forgive, let go, and trust in our friendships. We choose to see the best in that person.

Speak the truth in love

  • We always worry what others will think, or how they will respond to us when we are being honest about our opinions and feelings. But if we speak the truth in love, we set the tone for a safe space where others can share freely, openly, and honestly.

Do not compete or compare yourself with them

  • Real friends do not compare or compete with one another. When that starts to happen that means that there are hidden insecurities that are unhealthy. Feeling insecure around others is an internal issue, something that needs to be dealt with. Who you are is a gift to others, you were born to be different, unique, and special. Own who you are, and celebrate it with others.

We weren’t meant to do life alone, therefore it’s important to invest in healthy flourishing friendships. Friends are our go-to’s, they are there for the good times, bad times, they laugh with us, they encourage us, they challenge us and bring the best out of us and vice versa.

Friendship is costly and it involves intentional nurturing in order for it to grow in a healthy manner and to go the distance well. Why not invest in healthy friendships this year, and watch them thrive and flourish!