I wish I had her job. I wish I had her clothes. I wish I had their lifestyle. I wish I had a body like her………

Maybe if I had those things (whatever your sentence), then maybe I would feel better, feel more like them and less like me?

Sound familiar?

We always “post , regram, retweet” familiar quotes like “Comparison is the thief of joy!” followed by “YEAH, I’m so owning this, I am so owning me, in this moment, in this season” #killingit.

But then two minutes later on social media, or in a passing conversation we’re back to “Ah man, I also want to have those things, or do those things, or be more like that!” #depressed .


Or maybe you get annoyed when they tweet yet another fantastic thing that’s just happened to them!


Then you quickly scroll past their tweets or updates, and make a point of not liking or favouriting what they’ve typed. Because that will show them! Right? – Anyone relate?

I know for me, I will go through ups and downs. Loving life, then not loving life! I have moments where I feel like I am owning who I am, and where I am. Then a few moments later, I’m back to feeling frustrated, irritated, maybe even a little jealous after seeing how somebody else is doing life right!

The thing is when I start comparing, and wanting what others are having I have to stop and ask myself: “Yeah, but if you had to get THOSE things would you feel better long term, or would you still bounce back and forth with this feeling?” The answer is a flat NO.


If I had to have the things that I think I am wanting in those moments, I would end up not looking, or sounding or behaving like me.


There’s a difference between being inspired by someone, that it encourages you to want to improve your life, to that of not feeling happy about who you are in comparison to THAT person or ideal (if that makes sense).

I’ve seen some girls get really nasty about other women’s successes, it’s quite sad actually. Some girls or guys get caught up in it so much that they stop looking at their lives with a heart of gratitude, and get really frustrated because they are so caught up in comparing their world with somebody else’s.

We need to stop doing it, or catch and stop ourselves the minute we start comparing and say: “No thanks I won’t have what they are having, but I’ll have what I’m having!

The truth is, no one can do what you do the way you do, for the specific purpose in mind like you. Wishing and wanting things is okay, but it shouldn’t distract us from what we SHOULD be doing right now.

Because when we let it get into our hearts :

  • We lose focus
  • It steals our joy, and our contentment
  • We then live very small lives

God formed you so intricately, knowing that you would be designed for a SPECIFIC purpose. Find out what you are passionate about, as that is often linked to our purpose. Once you find out what you are passionate about, and start to know and understand what your gifts and strengths are, find ways to express them. Celebrate who you are, bless others with who you are, and be grateful for who you are and what you have. A spirit of gratitude softens our hearts, keeps us focused, and fills us with passion for what we do. Don’t lose sight on who you are, and what you have to offer the world. The world doesn’t need carbon copies or creepy clones; the world needs us to be exactly who we are, adding only what we can add to it!

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Author: Cassan Ferguson
Twitter: @cassanferguson
Instagram: @cassanferguson
Website: www.misscasslee.com

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