I hate you… 

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me…

I clearly remember as a child quoting this over and over again, especially in junior school.  Children can be so mean, and when it came to verbal taunts, this was often my response; I’m sure you can relate!

Physical pain can we terrible, and inflicting physical pain on another person is something that most people frown upon, and rightfully so.

But what about emotional pain?  In our anger or frustration, we speak our minds, we lash out and whip the person on the receiving end, irrespective of the consequences we’ll incur afterwards.

The above nursery rhyme couldn’t be further from the truth.  It is impossible to go through life and not be affected by the harsh words of others.  While most physical wounds heal well with some disinfecting and some plasters, our unseen emotional wounds will hardly ever heal on their own – they demand dedicated and uninterrupted time  where you can perform some introspection, think your thoughts and experiences through, and find solutions to your emotional turmoil; possibly even speaking to a counsellor or psychologist.  And don’t forget the power of forgiveness, occasionally you might need to forgive yourself.

Whether you’ve been on the receiving end of hurtful taunts or perhaps you’ve been the one lashing out and hating on others, there is hope, there is forgiveness and there is restoration.  Please click on the banner below if you want freedom from emotional hurts.

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