Hustlers Ambition

I recently met a guy named Joseph, I met him because he was the guy guarding my car on the street. He walked to towards me as I walked towards my car. For some reason, I wanted it to get to get to know him.

I found out his name is Joseph, he has a wife and kids and has been hustling on the streets to feed his family. Talking to Joseph more, he began to tell me his dreams.

Here stood a guy, who could have been happy with the street hustle but yet he still chooses to hold onto his dreams. He began to tell me how he wants to buy a house for his wife and kids so they can be safe.

Sometimes we may or may not remember the dreams and desires in our heart but just like Joseph we kind secretly hope it come true. Hold on to those dreams, cherish them and always aim for something better.

After I spoke to him I prayed for Joseph and off he ran to the next car. Funny thing is Joseph will probably never remember that conversation but what he will never forget is his desire to dream bigger.

Dream big and never give up.

God Speed.