One of the greatest time wasters that many people struggle with is the ‘disease’ of living life trying to please everyone and saying “yes” to every request that comes your way. I’m one of those people often referred to as kind, respectful, helpful and these pretty descriptions have not always been a positive thing. I’ve had (actually still have, but to a lesser degree though) difficulty saying “no” to people and their endless requests. Anyone who is like me will be familiar with the feeling of frustration and resentment experienced at the end of the day when you realize that you have prioritized things you shouldn’t have and the consequences are that you end up not having time for yourself or your own work. In this world where everything happens at a crazy pace and everyone is working hard to make ends meet, time management is of the essence if you are to succeed in your own endeavours, and learning how to say “no” is a must-have skill. shares some tips on how to say no politely in the video below:

Remember that every time you say yes to something, you are in fact saying no to something else. So, next time someone approaches you with a request or an invitation to which you are quick to say yes, think of that next item on your “To-do-list” that will suffer in favor of the request you have just received and before you give your response, decide what is of priority and don’t compromise on that. Failing to say no is just one of the many things that slow progress in life, without us even realizing it. If you find that you easily give in to people’s demands, and always bow to the needs of those who are selfish and opportunistic, or maybe you find your worth in what people think of you and therefore you constantly make efforts to be ‘loved’ , we’d like you to know that you too can become a confident and responsible person, able to make right decisions, right choices at the right time. Your worth should not be formed by the opinions of men, this is a perspective with which we’d like you to live your life, and if you’re interested in knowing God as a solid, reliable and lasting foundation on which to build your life, please click on the banner below.


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