Marriage can be the greatest blessing or the source of immense pain. There’s no sure way to know how your marriage will turn out. When people get started, it seems like it will last forever. However, over time, things happen, words are said and we hurt each other. At this point, many people throw in the towel and call it quits. Others plod along, sticking out the misery. On the other hand, there are couples who can bounce back from tough seasons and grow old together, their marriage stronger than ever.

So how can you have a great marriage? Unfortunately, in life there are no guarantees. But here are some things I have found can make a marriage great.

Don’t be too proud to say sorry

This is a big one! Even if it’s not your fault, be the bigger person and say sorry. So many fights can be stopped in their tracks if more people were prepared to say sorry. Pride is what holds us back from apologizing. We want to be right, right? Arguments are quickly dissolved when couples are quick to say sorry.

Keep short accounts

Most arguments start with “You always do this and that”. To say always when you actually mean now and then, can be dangerous to the health of your marriage. To keep short accounts means to resolve issues when they come up, forgive your spouse and move past it. Bringing up previous arguments can escalate the argument to unhealthy levels. Try and deal with just the argument at hand.

Keep the fun alive

With kids and careers and extended family,  life can get busy. If you’re not careful, you can end up living past each other. Make an effort to connect, just the two of you,  no kids, no phones, no distractions. Be spontaneous, do something crazy. Make some hot chocolate and go for a walk. You’ll be surprised how these little investments into your relationship can yield lasting results.

Marriage is not easy, but it is awesome. Remember why you first fell in love with your spouse. Remember why you wanted to marry them. Remind yourself of the good times you’ve had and then keep making great memories.

That’s how you can guarantee a great marriage!

If you are struggling in your marriage and need some help, prayer is powerful. To know more about how having a relationship with Jesus can help you navigate tough times, click on the pop up or on the link below.