We are all born with certain characteristics that make us unique. One characteristic of mine is that I often say things before I think about what I’m about to say. It’s safe to say that, yes, sometimes this can get me in to (deep!) trouble, while other times it just gets people laughing. What this means from my point of view? It’s become one of those characteristics about myself that I have just learnt to embrace!

The interesting thing about characteristics is these are the things that make up who we are, yet they are often the very things that we are most unhappy about. Over and over again you hear people say; “I wish I was more like her”, or “I wish I could sing like him”. We have this constant desire to be something else or like someone we see as being ‘better’.

To some degree I think we all have this problem. Now, I’m not saying that wanting to be a better or improved version of ourselves is a bad thing, but rather suggesting that maybe we need to identify OUR own gifts and talents and maximize those, instead of wanting to be something else or live someone else’s life. What makes this problem even worse is that we put so much pressure on ourselves to be what we perceive to be this, ‘cool, perfect’ person. We go to extreme lengths to change the very things that make us who we are. You start acting a certain way, buy certain clothes, even change your friendship circle in the hope that you will be seen as this “perfect person”.

It’s easy to assume that the reason some of us have become like this is because of all the pressure the media puts on us, with its displays of perfectly photo-shopped cover models and latest trends, but I would like to suggest that there is something much deeper to it than that. Meaning, if that was actually the case, then surely everyone would be like that. Instead, I meet people on a daily basis who are happy and who love life, just the way they are. So, what makes them the exception to the rule?

I personally think it comes down to our own insecurities. We have become insecure in who we are and as a result feel we need to somehow change to fit in, even despite our friends and the people closest to us always affirming us as “perfect just the way we are”. Yet, we can’t seem to see what they see.

Now, I know it’s easy to just say “Hey, so we have insecurities”, but what can we actually do about it? Well, the answer is actually pretty simple. In order to find out why we were made the way we are, we need to first find out more about the one who made us.

Here’s a video of someone who did just that.

Tyesha struggled with terrible insecurity. She felt out of place and outcast, but that all changed once she realized who she was in Jesus. You see, Jesus is the author of our lives. He made us and knows us better than anyone else ever will. Every distinct characteristic that makes us unique has been given to us by Him. He gave each and every one of them to you specifically to make you the individual that you are. There is no one else in the world that is like you. You are not some carbon copy, but rather a unique and perfect creation.

In Jesus, Tyesha found freedom, forgiveness and purpose. She felt loved and accepted for the first time in her life. I know you may watch the video and think well, that’s just for her, but the truth is, this love and acceptance is available to all of us!

All God wants is for us to have a relationship with Him. There isn’t some secret password or some price we need to pay to have this relationship with Him. Jesus has already paid that price.

So, why not take a chance and give Jesus a go? I promise you won’t be disappointed.


If you have any questions about insecurity or being unique, or perhaps you would just like to chat, please send us a message. We would love to hear from you.