There is a movie that came out this year, and it’s called ‘How to be single’.  Basically, it is a movie about a girl, who has always been in relationships, learning how to be single and content. When I first saw the title of the movie, I wasn’t really sure how relevant it would be to my life, considering I don’t really need to learn how to single because I have been pretty much single up until this point of my life. However, as soon as I watched the movie, my perspective changed. This is because it is not a romantic comedy where the girl does it get the guy, instead she gets to rediscover herself (without the guy).

Now, I’m not saying those movies which focus on getting the guy or girls who have already got the guy are necessarily bad (not at all). Being in the right relationship is a healthy part of living but so is being single.

Singleness is not a struggle.

So many times, we are pitied for being single (especially as we get older).

“When are you getting a boyfriend? You are not married yet? You’re still single?”

We are made to feel inferior when we are without a partner because we are told that, only when we find a partner, will we be truly happy? This is not the case. You do not have to feel sad because you are single. In fact, single is the perfect season for you to do the most in your life.

How do I do this?

Get into a relationship with yourself

Being single is not a boring thing. You can do just as many things single, as you can when you’re a relationship. Take yourself out for coffee. Go shopping with your friends (or alone). You can spend time in your own company by simply reading a book. There are so many things you can do that will help you to discover yourself. What are your likes and dislikes? What makes you tick and what makes you calm?. You might even want to go traveling or spend some time with the important friends and family in our life. Do it! There is not time lost when time is well spent. And that’s one of the great things about being single, you have all this time for yourself, so be selfish with it.

I know the thought of being without a partner is a very scary concept for many people, and that’s okay, but it doesn’t mean you have to settle just because you don’t want to be single.

It is so important to learn how to be single so that when we do find someone worth sharing our life with, we are not depending on them to make us happy because we know who we are and can ultimately be happy with or without them.