We love the Internet; yes we do. Up front: I’m not a fan of posts that talk about how bad social media or the Internet are, or can be, for you. That’s because I think it’s awesome. There are a few rare moments, like now, though, when I feel otherwise. While the Internet is great, it can help make our lives miserable. I thought about this as I looked at how the Internet is getting in the way of your being awesome.

Yeah; you read that right. In case you didn’t let me repeat: the internet is getting the way of your being awesome. You’re probably wondering why and how:

That Guy or Gal

There are more nice people than there are mean ones. And, there is a mean guy or gal in all of us. Yeah; even me, even you. Every now and then that monster sneaks out. This usually happens when someone gets under our skin.

Sometimes, other people’s meanness drowns out Elsa telling us to, you know, “Let it go”. And, we react, responding in ways we usually don’t. Like in real life; sometimes we just ‘lose it’. The Internet is getting in the way of your being awesome when you let it force you out of character.

Unguarded, we can easily be the Internet people we don’t like (Click to Tweet).

Don’t let the Internet bring out the worst in you.

DoubleTaps and Views

You know the drill: post a photo, wait for an eternity, which in reality is like five minutes, then see check the number of likes. Who doesn’t want to be liked? And, who doesn’t want to have the views?

Low views and a lack of likes, whatever they are, can be a source of dejection and discouragement. Chasing likes and views can be exhausting. The Internet is getting in the way of your being awesome when you let the views and likes dictate your mood.

You’re awesome without likes. Chill. I don’t know about you, but I need this reminder, often. You’re awesome before other people and their comments echo it. You wouldn’t be worth any less if you never posted another Instagram story.

The Front

Have you heard of the Instagram husband? The struggle is real:


Have you ever felt exhausted from ‘keeping up appearances’? Sometimes this comes in the guise of ‘growing our personal brands’. Being yourself is the least exhausting. You’re more awesome being you.

The Internet is getting in the way of being awesome when you give into the putting up a front. Do you. (Click to Tweet)

Spend more time working to be the best you.

I Need To Say This

I hope you’ve figured out by now that I’m not actually talking about the Internet. (Or social media for that matter). I’m actually talking about how we use or interact with it. It is also how we engage other people through it.

For that one guy or gal: of course, the Internet is neither good or bad. Don’t let it get in the way of you living your life and being awesome.

Has the Internet / social media ever cramped your style?


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