Learning is one of those things we know we need to do, but hate the process. Here is an example; how often do you hear people say, “I hate having to study for exams”, or “school was such a waste of time”? For some strange reason, as humans, we think that we know everything already, which is weird because if we did, then why would we need school?

As much as we apparently hate learning, it is something we need. If we don’t learn, how will we ever get better?

I think the problem most of us have is identifying areas in our lives where we need to learn. I can imagine that this is probably a result of the world telling us that we can be our own bosses and that we don’t need anyone telling us what to do. We have been taught that above everyone else, we are the most important people.

Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be proud of your achievements or have a desire to be better, but what I am saying is don’t let those things become your focus. These things shouldn’t define who you are.

We should constantly have the desire to grow as people and the only way that this can be done is through learning. Identifying your weaknesses doesn’t make you weak; it allows you to turn those weaknesses into strengths.

We have to learn to set our pride aside and allow ourselves to be vulnerable to criticism because only then we will see growth.

I recently came across this video that reminded me of the importance of learning,

Check it out

This video reminds me that that we need to constantly have a child-like spirit when it comes to learning. An attitude that enables us to make mistakes but also learn from these mistakes and grow.

So, while we are in the process of learning, why not learn to be more like Jesus? After all, he is the author of life. If life was made by him, then surely he has the answer to all of life’s problems. Just like an architect knows every inch of the building he designed, God knows every aspect of our lives.

The key to true greatness and wisdom is God, so let’s not settle for second best. Instead, let’s choose to learn straight from the source of wisdom.

Just like the video says “Stay open to God, be teachable”

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