When I was a youth leader there were always the same old questions posed to me by the kids – year in and year out.  One of these questions inevitably would be, “how far is too far?”  Obviously teenagers refer to dating and physical relationships when asking this question, and yes, it is vitally important to know your ‘physical limits’ and when to STOP.

When it comes to dating, relationships and life in general, what is acceptable and at which point are you crossing the line?

When visiting a relative or a friend who you haven’t seen for a long time – let’s say for example 3 years, it can be quite awkward. Mostly because people change, the way they do things and their approach to life change. Your freshest memory of them would be from the last time you interacted with them.  Now, 3 years later you anticipate them to respond and react in the same way they did 3 years ago; but to your surprise, they don’t entirely follow the predictable path.

Your visit is going well (for the most part and all things considered), but 4 days into your 10 day stay, it suddenly takes its toll.  You’re in their house, living under their roof but the way they do things is very different to you and vice versa. You begin to unknowingly impose your views and your ways of doing things and as a result, are potentially stepping into a mine field and an imminent explosion is underway.

This is just one of many examples of ‘crossing a line’.  I have come to realize that irrespective of the situation, whether it be dating, relationships, friendships or family life; there are some golden rules one can apply in order to stay clear of crossing a line and going ‘too far’.

  1. Set clear boundaries and stick to them.
  2. Know what level of responsibility you carry and where that responsibility ends.
  3. Respect your peers, elders, friends and family – especially while you’re under their roof.
  4. Have a moral code and stick to it, if people want you to violate that code, then be firm and put your foot down – just remain respectful.

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