Why do girls have to impress a man or men?

I recently found myself asking this when hanging out with one of the friends at one of the local pubs. It was interesting to me that women of all types, sizes, colours were all doing the same thing. Trying to impress the guy from across the room.

I then asked myself, “why?” Because I was really confused. Beautiful girls who treat themselves like trash to seek approval from others, namely men. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t a blog putting women down but more to help you realise that your worth is far more than you give yourself.

You dress up, make sure your makeup is perfect only to get hammered drunk and wake up the next morning with no recollection except for a massive headache and a heart which is still empty.

I wish I could tell you all your worth, but it isn’t that simple. Self-worth is not an external decision but more an internal decision with an external outcome. The way you portray yourself is the reflection of what is happening on the inside.

You are more than the world wants you to be, you are more than any guy perceives you to be, you are a princess, Respect yourself so he can respect you.

Hey, drunk girls, you are loved.

God Speed.