The other day I met someone on the street who looked so helpless. It was like he’d been having an internal struggle for years and just got used to living with his situation and life choice. I think this often happens – people end up staying in one place their whole lives.

That sense of helplessness is more than just a feeling: it starts off as something small– but give it enough time and it could take over your thought life.

Looking at this guy, I was thinking about all the ways he could help himself: He looked perfectly healthy, and besides living on the street, he wasn’t in a bad shape. I began to encourage him to not become comfortable – because sometimes, when we feel helpless, we end up not taking action to bring about change in our lives.

He soon began speaking about everything that’s happened to him in his life. He explained how he had no choice in how things turned out. I understand why he felt this way. It’s not easy to pick yourself up when you’ve fallen so far.

Ultimately, this is what I told him: The simple fact is that it starts with your heart. If, in your heart of hearts, you are willing to see change, you will be motivated to take action. If this is the case, you will see change quicker than you think.

Now, it’s easy talking about change and it’s another thing bringing it about. What has helped me in the past was to take baby steps in the right direction, even when I couldn’t see the results immediately; to get into a new routine, even though things didn’t change right away.

The fact is, if you are willing to commit to change, you can escape from that place of helplessness!


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