Gentlemen of Streetwear

Backwards caps, big t-shirts, expensive sneakers, good hair whatever your flavour is in dress code you can still be gentlemen. To often people get judged by the way they dress. I say let’s give them a reason to ask questions.

It’s crazy the way dress affects the way we get treated or seen. I could walk into a bar with boots, jeans and a flannel shirt and get treated totally different to if I walked in with all black clothing and a snap back with my tattoos.

You being confident in your clothing is not about how you are seen but more about how you react when seen. Often we can try dress according to trend and vibe, and situations or people but the bottom line is if your aren’t comfortable in your clothes then confident in them.

Often I find myself being guilty of not being myself, especially when gong to trendy spots where I know for sure people is opinionated. Until eventually I didn’t really care. Whether I look like a thug, Hipster, Jock, hippy whatever style you may have, just know you are one awesome person. (haha) Don’t worry about what others think

I recently learnt to be the best means I have to be real. Be real with yourself and never let anyone tell you otherwise.

God Speed.