Father’s Day Gift Cheat Sheet

I hate buying my Dad gifts. Whenever I ask him what he wants he says “oh, nothing.” Which isn’t helpful at all. But of course, when you get a chance to spoil Dad, it’s nice to do something for him. Dad’s are the ones who fix our car when it gets broken. They take us to our first hockey match and are cheering us on at the sidelines.

Dads, even though they don’t admit it also like to get some special treatment once every so often. And, because we know it’s hard to get Dad’s something, we’ve gone and put together a list to help you on your way. So when your Dad says, “oh, nothing,” you have something to fall back onto.

Take Dad out for dinner

Men are notorious for loving food. As the saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This is true and Dad will never say no to a good meal out. I’d bet you know what your Dad’s favourite dinner spot is – take him there for Father’s Day. Dinner out is also a great way to show Dad you care because it is quality time you get to spend together.

Buy Dad a book/ music

Most Dad’s are into books or music. Take a look at Amazon and see if you can find a new book by your Dad’s favourite author. Or take a look online and get him some music tunes, or a CD if he’s old school – he just might be.

Make Dad breakfast in bed

You’ll probably find that nobody makes Dad breakfast in bed and if you wake him up with a steaming cup of coffee and a bacon and egg croissant then it will start his day well. Try to surprise Dad and get him while he is still sleeping. Even if he gets out of bed to eat it, he will still appreciate the fun idea.

The new wardrobe

Dad’s usually don’t like buying themselves clothes, that’s why they leave it up to you for Christmas, birthdays and Father’s Day. There are some lovely new jackets which are all the rage this season and I’m sure that Dad would love something new to keep him warm over the chilly winter months. If all else fails, there is always socks.

The personalised gift

Sometimes we think Dad’s aren’t sentimental. That’s not true, underneath all that manliness there is a soft side to Dad too. If you can’t think of something to buy Dad then go ahead and make something for him. A photo album or something which has the personalised touch can not be beaten.

The pamper gift

Dad’s may not like pedicures, like Mom, but I would bet your Dad would not say no to a massage. If things have been stressing Dad out and you feel like he could do with something to help him unwind then get Dad a full massage and give him to chance to relax and rejuvenate.

The voucher

If all else fails and you simply can’t think of anything to get Dad then you can always go the voucher route. Most stores offer vouchers and you can always pool your cash together with your siblings and get Dad a voucher for a shop you know he will like, but probably wouldn’t shop at for himself.

The practical gift

Dad’s are practical. That’s why we love them and need them. You might think a new knife set or a toolkit is a boring gift but Dad won’t think so at all. If he can use it, then your Dad will probably be very excited about his new present. Don’t be afraid to get practical this Father’s Day.

It’s always important to show the people in your life that you love and appreciate them. I don’t think we do this often enough. Spend this Father’s Day telling your Dad that he is great and you love him. Because really, the world needs more good Dads.