Spending time with Seth Franco last week has really changed my perspective on how I view people. Even the way I speak to people. Sometimes I tend to think being strong and tough is the right way to deal with people, but he has taught me that being soft and caring is the God way of dealing with others.

One of the things Seth mentioned is how some people want to preach, but nobody wants to actually help people. It really gave me a perspective on how to love people – not just love because it’s the right thing to do, but to truly care for someone.

It’s about fighting for that one person that needs it the most. I’ve learnt so much about what type of person I should fight to be.

We should also fight for those who are broken and those who are on their last bit of hope. We often forget that all people want sometimes, is someone to fight for them and stand with them in hard times. Often it’s as simple as listening to someone.

We forget how easy it is to go through life and be oblivious to what is happening around us because we are too focused on our problems and we forget that there are people who just need someone to say “Hey! You are awesome”.

What truly matters is that we fight for those around us. Don’t be part of the status quo in the world that says being selfish is okay. Be part of the people that love people without a reason.