Don’t take this the wrong way, but I need a few moments to go on a bit of a rant.

Why do we have to judge people based on their appearance?

I’m not even talking about race – although it’s a huge thing in South Africa at the moment – but just the way you look or dress; or the fact that you have tattoos or no tattoos.

I have tattoos, and most of the time I get judged on my appearance – and also because I’m Christian (I’m not even talking about non- Christians, I’m talking about Christians who judge).

Now, hear my heart: We are supposed to be spreading love, building relationships, and helping others. Yet, too often, we are quick to judge a person at face value. Too often we think people won’t be up to our standard, simply because of how they look. I’m not perfect when it comes to that either. Too often, we focus on our personal anger and hurt and we allow that to drive our reaction towards people. But people matter, no matter how they look or what belief they have.

Making someone’s day should be the greatest thing we do in a day.

It confuses me how I can have an awesome conversation with someone about God and life, yet the only thing they will comment on is the fact that I have tattoos. Out of all the good things they could focus on, people choose to focus on this one thing.

Let’s love more than hate. Let’s choose to accept more than reject. Let’s never be people that judge before knowing someone’s heart. We can do it.

God Speed.

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