I recently learnt a pretty hard lesson – I learnt not to act out of desperation or frustration.

I got offered a job that sounded pretty sweet: the bosses seemed awesome and everything was great except for one thing: it didn’t sit right with me.

In my heart I knew it wasn’t for me but in my head, I needed the money and it sounded good in theory. When I looked into it a little more and looked at what it would require from me, I realised that it would have taken a lot more out of me than I had thought.

It meant I would have to isolate myself from everyone because of the hours. It also meant that my church life would be nonexistent.

I learnt some valuable lessons during this experience. One of them being that just because it sounds great and looks great doesn’t mean it is great for you specifically. Sometimes our human tendency is to act out of desperation and cling to stability and we end up working dead-end jobs that leave you more frustrated than blessed.

We try and get ahead in the short term instead of thinking things through and actually making sure that our needs come first.

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe everyone should earn a living and not wait around for handouts – but don’t ever lose hope in the fact the God has something bigger and better for you.

You don’t need to lose yourself in order to make it in life; you can be successful and have everything you need without having to act out of desperation.