The first time I asked myself this question was when I began having issues with my skin. I had some terrible breakout on my face and I couldn’t stand looking at myself in the mirror. This situation took a toll on my self-confidence such that I avoided being around people. Whenever someone looked at me,  I felt as If all they saw were those ugly bumps on my face. Anyone ever dealt with acne? I know you feel me on this!

I tried different treatment options but to no avail. I was tormented. I would ask myself : are there people out there who experience this? Only on cyberspace it seemed because where I live, whenever I found myself in a public place, I looked at the ladies passing around me and you’ve guessed right: everyone was beautiful, with flawless skin. Fast forward, things got better over time and I slowly regained my self-confidence.

My experience dealing with acne was not my only exposure to wondering whether life was this tricky for everyone else as it was for me. One day as I was chatting with a friend who was experiencing tension in her family, as she openly explained her situation to me, she ended up with this phrase: “I wonder if things are the same in other houses or families too.”

I doubt my friend and I are the only ones to have felt pressure in dealing with one thing or another to the point of wondering: Does everyone experience this? It’s human nature to tend to think that our problems are the worst. And life can be so ironic in a way that when your world seems to be falling apart , you look around you and your eyes only see the complete opposite of what you are experiencing – things are very good for everyone except for me! And if you’re not too careful, you begin to toy with the thought that something must be wrong with you. Well, there is nothing wrong with you. If you could ask everyone you see to give you the tale of their life, you’ll realize that yes, everyone as a unique problem of their own.

Whatever you are experiencing right now, whether it’s addiction, sickness or financial difficulties, please know that you are not alone. We would like to assure you of that as we believe in a God who promises to walk with us in everything we go through. There is more we would like to share on this promise, and we’ve compiled it in a video we want you to watch by clicking on the banner appearing below.

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