I’m sure you’re thinking why on earth I would choose “Do you want Cocaine?’ as a title, but stick with me, there is a reason for it. It all started when a friend and I began to walk the popular city streets in the city of Cape Town, at first it was pointless, we just wanted to hang out for a bit, talk about life and have some fun.

We began our 5 minute walk to where we had decided to go and to our surprise a man came up to us out of nowhere and asked us if we want cocaine, we both were kind of shocked but I decided to reply with, “Would you like some Jesus?” He looked a bit thrown off and I’m not sure who was more shocked, him or I?

Not really realising what we had said or who we had said it too we began chatting to this guy. It was weird at first, not knowing who he was, all we knew is he was a drug dealer. He began to share about his life, how he was from the Congo and that he came to South Africa looking for work but was unsuccessful, so he had to resort to dealing drugs.

He began to tell us that he has a child and a wife and that he deals drugs because he is trying to provide for his family. This is a sad reality for many. As much as I wanted to be sad, I also felt a sense of anger toward him, why would he put his family through that? What example is he setting for his child?

We wrestled with our emotions, mostly anger but somehow God gave us the words and the wisdom to share with this man. We began to speak to him about his child, about his life, where he wants to end up. It blew my mind how one question can bring even the toughest men to open up.

At the end of the conversation he wanted us to pray for him, it’s amazing how that one question changed his day and very possibly his life. Never forget the power a question holds, you too can change lives, just like we did with that drug dealer on a random street, one random night.

This blog isn’t about trying to get you to be religious or a religious Christian and try and win everybody for Jesus, it’s about empowering you to make a difference in your homes, work place, Community, City and Nation.

Ask somebody a question and see the change.

God Speed.

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