Is it just me or are people cynical and untrusting?  I’ve been convinced that it’s part of the modern human condition but  I’m starting to wonder if it really is an issue of ‘now’.  200 years ago, as you wandered down the dusty street, stepping aside to miss being knocked over by a horse and carriage, did you also feel unsure of people’s motives and carry fear for the future?  Surely yes.  The desire for people to get ahead, and often at the expense of others, is in no way a new issue. Going into business with someone held risks too, as they do today, and the opportunity to have your heart broken was as likely, although it would never have happened through an sms!  Time has done little to shield us from the sinfulness of others, and them from ours.  It seems sensible to assume though that in the developing world, particularly where the gap between those that live comfortably and those that are desperately trying to keep their heads above water is so large, that things feel all the more trying.

Maybe we left the path less traveled to keep its name so we could chase our pipe dreams.

Why do we struggle to trust others? When you’re not convinced that someone else has any feelings towards your well being, and has become over-the-top obsessed with theirs, you’re likely to get hurt.  People are looking out for themselves and their nearest and dearest, and when someone does something selfless and humanitarian, it makes the local newspapers, instead of just being the norm.  Maybe we left the path less traveled to keep its name so we could chase our pipe dreams. This is a gross over-generalisation from my part, I confess, but being a world changer is not exactly at the forefront of everyone’s minds, is it?  Perhaps we’re spending too much time on what blows our hair back and neglecting those that are in want.  Imagine never being able to give, because you simply never get?  Who wouldn’t want to be in a situation where there is no want and out of our excess we can freely share.  I’m afraid the chances of people sharing from their excess is about the right heart’s attitude.  Having a lot, is often a catalyst to the desire for more still, and the vicious cycle of desire spins out of control as it changes the very core of the one that now has dollar signs in their eyes.  Not everyone wants to share what is theirs and will easily accuse others of being ‘lazy’ or a ‘leach’.

We might never close the widening chasm of need, but it’s up to us to try.

It would seem to me that it’s up to the special few that will share of what they have, even if it’s a stretch for them to do so.  We might never close the widening chasm of need, but it’s up to us to try.  Even changing the life of one person or one family through our selflessness, will mean the world to them, and who knows what opportunity and emotional drive could be created out of that one gift?  You might release a world-changer with one simple gesture from the heart.  Let’s not blame or point fingers or insult, let’s simply act, in a constructive and effective way, and watch what incredible things might happen.  Don’t be surprised if it changes you the most.

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