We often think we have our lives figured out. Believing we have it all together, especially when we are single. As you enter into the dating phase, you start to realise that you aren’t actually as perfect as you thought you were. You begin to see things about yourself that you don’t really want to see.

I’ve recently got engaged and I’m now planning towards getting marriage and to be honest I thought I was a well put together person. But maybe I’m not as together as I thought.

The one thing I’ve realised is that I’m not great at communication. Whether it’s WhatsApp, phone calls, chatting or even just alone time. I just struggle with it.

Recently my fiance and I had a massive fight over this area in our relationship. To me, it never really seemed important or something that was at the top of the list of things I need to work on. I’m quickly realising that I was very wrong.

Why do we need communication? Well, you don’t need communication if you’re happy to be a loner and have no friends, get the picture?

I’ve been learning in order for your life to have clarity and move forward, you need to be able to communicate.

Here are a few keys that can help your communication.

Learn to listen.

My biggest problem is that I struggle to concentrate on one thing at a time, so listening is hard for me because you have to sit and actually take in what someone is saying. This isn’t an overnight skill, it does take time. I’m still on this journey but I’m challenging myself to listen for longer and longer.

It’s all about the detail.

I’ve noticed especially when you are dating or if you have a life partner, that detail is key. Even if it is the smallest of things and may seem like not a big deal to you but you will never how details bring clarity to any situation or any conversation. Detail is always good.

It’s a journey.

Understand that great communication is a journey. I don’t ever think it’s an overnight success, one day you don’t have it the next you do have it. I believe that in order to become great at communication, whether about your feelings, details or life matters. It will always be a journey but it is one you should be on.

Don’t give up on trying to always be better at communication.

God Speed.

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