Incase you’ve missed it, or have been living under a rock – Christmas is approaching . The shops have been basically advertising since July, and little Christmas reminders are everywhere you turn online. Plus, it’s November – which means just one more month to go until Christmas!

Some of us may be wise little shoppers, and buy little gifts throughout the year and hide them on your secret gift shelf until Christmas. Whilst others like myself, may do either the sentimental personal home-made gift, or shop at the very last-minute like the rest of the world does. Making it feel like you’re competing on a survivor meets amazing race kind of show – am I right?

Well, I may have some ideas to help ensure that we don’t do the last-minute hustle, that is Christmas shopping.


  • Know your budget.
  • Write a list of names of the people you are buying for.
  • Have some sort of vague idea as to what gift you want to buy for each person.
  • Ask yourself if the gifts you are wanting to buy are sentimental, and if it is something that the receiver will love or need.
  • Ask yourself if these gifts could be bought either online and will it deliver on time, or can these gifts be bought at the same mall – which in turn will save time.
  • Choose the perfect shopping day and time. For example I tend to find that weekdays, either first thing in the morning or in the evening just before the shops close, is always quiet!
  • Delegate with your spouse – let them shop for half of the gifts, whilst you shop for the other half.
  • Check out local markets for locally made products.
  • Look out for shops that have Christmas specials.

Happy Christmas planning and Christmas shopping, and remember it’s not so much about the gift. It’s the heart, thought and love behind the gift giving that truly matters the most.

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