Recently I’ve found that the way I react to certain people and situations in my life isn’t what it should be.

I I lose my temper sometimes, and I have a short fuse – even when it comes to things that shouldn’t really be a big deal.

I often blame external factors for what’s going on inside me, when I should actually be sorting my heart out and dealing with the root causes of those issues.

In recent months, I’ve also started feeling a bit of extra pressure because of everything that’s happening around me: an upcoming wedding, family expectations, my job, and my social life. To be honest, being engaged is a totally new experience for me. I feel “inexperienced” in a way – however, I’m still trying to balance everything in my life, while keeping my cool and not losing the plot.

I began to think about why I feel so unsettled; why I have a shorter fuse and react in weird ways. This made me discover something very simple but insightful: Amidts all the new pressures, I simply wasn’t doing anything that I enjoyed anymore. I wasn’t doing any of the things that usually filled my heart with joy. All the pressures around me made me forget about the little things: I never hit the city streets at night anymore. I don’t write music anymore. I’m not doing the things that make that little difference in my heart.

If I’ve learnt anything in the last couple of weeks, it is that you shouldn’t forget to do the things that you love every now and then. Never lose sight of who you are and what makes you tick. If you’re a little bit more intentional about those little things, you may well end up being in a better place, and, ultimately, be a better person to those closest to you.