Cheap cigarettes, loud noises, flashing lights, the sound of 1000 voices somehow communicating together; these are all things we experience when delving into the deep end of our city’s night life.

People often tend to stay away because of this. Some say it’s too busy for them, others say it’s overrated, I like to say it’s just right. Our nightlife – the city culture – is very much its own universe. It’s like walking on another planet, which is probably the reason why I love it so much. The freedom of being whoever you want to be, the sense of togetherness while still being separate, the latest trends, fashion and people [all appeal to me].

It’s like Instagram, except there is no double tapping on pictures, or commenting on the latest shoes. In this case it’s the awkward stares from a distance, it’s the gossip that you can clearly see, it’s the drunkenness and the twisted minds of some who often think they are the most liked photo in this “Instagram” world.

Change is a funny thing. The reality is we are always changing. Since birth you have been changing. Every day you change. The fact that the sun rises and sets means that there is change, but why does it feel like every night the same people are here, doing the same thing… speaking the same way…?

It then hit me… As much as the city has the latest trends and as much as there is change, people – the “city folk” – just want to BELONG. They have a longing to be recognised, the longing to be the most popular at the bar or to have the most friends around you. Funny isn’t it?

It’s funny how our society gets so wrapped up in belonging. So much so that they forget that they actually belong to something far greater than an earthly appearance – Jesus.

Society says you need to check off this list before you belong. Jesus says you belonged all along.

Society says you are ugly and not worth anything. Jesus says: “I’ve made you perfect” and he’s called us his sons and daughters.

If you take anything from today, know this: you belong. You are accepted no matter your colour, your gender, how you look or what you have done.

Jesus says you belong. So belong.

Society belongs to us, we do not belong to society.

Love all, accept all, serve all.

God Speed.

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