December time is a really beautiful season. As far back as I can remember, I recall Christmas as a season that has always had a beautiful and eventful ambience around it even during the most difficult years when my family had very little. How I wish this ambience lasted all year long! One of the things that stands out about this season is generosity and, on the very issue of giving, we recently published an article on 1Africa with the title Make Room For More. You can find that article here. The gist of that piece of writing is simply that you do not need to be wealthy to possess a giving heart. Things we consider little can be major to someone else.

The 1Africa team recently came across a project that embodies this idea perfectly and we’re excited to profile it on today’s edition of Big Up Africa. The newly launched project is called Ruremekedzo Inhlonipho which are Shona and Ndebele words for politeness, honor , respect and care shown towards someone or something that is considered important. An initiative from a young lady from Zimbabwe, Yeukai Chideya, joined by her sister and a couple of friends, this project aims to provide underwear and sanitary wear to less known charities and individuals taking care of vulnerable children in Zimbabwe and, in doing so, restore the dignity of children. This project was birthed when Yeukai – who is based in Cape Town, South Africa and is a Clinical Social Worker and Project Leader with Community Trauma Counselling Clinics – discovered the sad reality of many young girls who have to do without underwear due to the prevailing economic challenges in Zimbabwe. She came to learn that, in some instances, girls had to share the same underwear within the family with preference going to the one who is having her monthly period, and sometimes turn to unhygienic alternatives such as using leaves or even cow dung.

This is an initiative to be celebrated and that’s exactly what we’re doing in today’s edition of Big Up Africa. We celebrate Yeukai and the entire team at Ruremekedzo Inhlonipho Project for their incredible contribution in making a difference in the lives of many children in Zimbabwe. What they are doing matters A LOT! Little things such as underwear – which are actually essentials that everyone should have – can positively affect the way a child views him/herself. May this be a great inspiration to us all and, as we celebrate Christmas this year, let’s remember that little things matter! The first distribution, which comes just in time to spread some Christmas cheer, is scheduled for the 20th December 2014.

If you would like to know more about the project or get involved, visit and like Ruremekedzo Inhlonipho’s Facebook page.


Yeukai Chideya, founder of Ruremekedzo Inhlonipho Project