There are certain terms that seem to have become normal in our society, specifically when referring to woman.  Terms such as “what is she wearing?”, “she’s fat”, “she’s too skinny”, “she’s ugly” etc. These terms have become a part of our everyday lives. Surprisingly, its not only men who use them. More often than not woman are the ones who look at each other and immediately have something to say about an individual’s outward appearance, regardless of whether they know the person or not.

But, why is it that outward beauty has become the focal point of whether a woman is truly beautiful or not? Is it because the media says so, maybe because “popular” people say so, or is it just because we live in a world where we are driven solely by visual satisfaction? The question is, who really defines beauty? And, is it possible to be beautiful no matter who you are?

Here is a video that will hopefully help shift your perception

You see, beauty isn’t defined by what people say.  It’s defined by the one who made you.  An inventor always thinks his creation is beautiful, because he created it. He spent time and effort making it and wouldn’t change it for anything. Well, that’s the same way God sees us.  He made us and thinks we are beautiful the way we are. If he had thought otherwise he would have made you differently. No, instead he made you the way you are, perfect!

So don’t allow the world to tell you whether or not you are beautiful.  Don’t let their voices creep into your head. Know that you were made out of love.  Perfect and beautiful. God would never make something He wasn’t proud of.

You are beautiful!

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