Waiting is probably the most frustrating and annoying thing in the world – whether it’s waiting for food, people, or even for a breakthrough in your life.

It can be the most painful time – but waiting requires us to be patient.

Trust me, I’m speaking to myself as well. Recently, I found myself getting so frustrated at life that I would get angry over the tiniest things that had nothing to do with the main reason behind my frustration.

It was like everything became a problem – even things I usually loved. That’s just it, though: When we become impatient and frustrated, it often causes us to forget the things that actually bring us joy.

Here is the funny part: The minute I began to focus on what was good in my life, and chose to not allow the frustrations in my life to affect me, the actual breakthrough came.

You may not have everything in order, and all your frustrations may not necessarily be gone – but you can still stay steadfast, focus on the positive, and decide to never give up.

Just remember that you are on a journey. Your story will be different to everyone else’s. But I promise it will be the greatest journey you will ever travel!

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