I’m getting married soon and as per tradition, you are required to do certain things in the lead up to the big day. One of these things is an engagement shoot. Usually, I’m not awkward in front of the camera but for some reason, this time, I felt very awkward.

We decided on doing a city shoot and I love the city but I didn’t realise how self-conscious I would feel, even though we had a friend shoot our engagement photos.

I think it was more the fact that there were people around and they all were staring at us like we were weirdos.

We spent most of the time shooting in crowds. We got some pretty cool city shots and as time went on the process felt more comfortable. In fact I’d go as far to say that there was something freeing about the situation, even though intially it was really awkward.

I began to think how awesome awkward moments are sometimes. It’s not unusual to hate those awkward moments where the attention is all on you and you don’t know how to feel or react or even smile. Despite this there is also something freeing within every awkward moment, if you take the moment to embrace it.

Sometimes stepping out and “owning” the awkwardness can lead to something really great! You never know you may discover something new about yourself.

So instead of skipping past those awkward moments as quickly as possible, why not try these suggestions and begin owning the awkwardness.

Make a joke

Sometimes the best way to make an awkward situation or moment better is just to make a joke. Please use your own discretion, in some situations a funny moment would be inappropriate but sometimes in order to own an awkward moment confidently it helps to add a little laughter.

The topic change

Sometimes in awkward situations in order to regain confidence, changing the topic helps. To be honest this tactic doesn’t always make things less awkward, but it can helps keep the conversation going or act as a welcome distraction.

Understand what type of person you are

Some people love awkward moments, they thrive off of them, while others want to curl up in a little ball and die when awkward moments happen. I’m the type of person that hates awkward moments. When you understand what type of person you are it makes it easier to navigate the conversation.

Don’t ever stop getting yourself into awkward moments. You never know what might happen.

God speed.

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