I never knew that ‘mommy gossip’ and ‘mommy gossiping groups’ were an actual thing. Oh wait, not sure what I am talking about? Mommy gossip happens when moms gather together to gossip either about other moms, about the husbands, or about schools and the teachers or anything else really. These mommy gossip groups can be found in the school parking lot, on group chat groups either on social media or on our phones.

Mommy gossip sounds like:

“Well you know what I heard about so-and-so and what she gave her child for breakfast!?”


“Did you see what the teacher was wearing to school today?”


“Yeah, but I think they are having problems in their marriage!”

It may start off as innocent little conversations then turn in to a full-blown gossiping session about all sorts of things. We may even term it as ‘venting’ or as a ‘healthy conversation’ to gain better insight, when in fact it is straight up gossiping.

Why Mommy gossiping is just the worst

  • It comes across as judgemental.
  • It is based on assumption, not fact or on truth.
  • It just breeds and feeds more gossip.
  • It speaks ill of somebody else, especially when they are not there to clarify or set the record straight.
  • It can fuel our emotions, and never bring real resolution.
  • It is a form of bullying.

Stop Mommy gossiping

  • If you do not have anything nice to say, rather don’t say anything at all!
  • Consider for a moment if you would like others to talk about you in that manner when you are not around.
  • Ask yourself if your words or conversation would be said if the person you’re discussing was in there with you, if not – then guess what? Don’t say it, zip those lips rather!

If you find yourself in a mom gossiping group steer the conversation or cut it short. Maybe remind the group that what they are doing is gossiping, and that most of the conversation is based on assumption or on a biased opinion, maybe even challenge whoever is gossiping to rather find peace with their inner emotional angst by possibly confronting that person that they are gossiping about.

Gossiping ends up having no resolution, as people just talk in circles, and are talking about people and things based on assumptions and opinions. Which means what they are talking about is not helpful at all, and ends up becoming time-consuming, whilst breaking down the character of somebody else.

Remember that gossip always speaks more loudly about your character, than it does about the person you are talking about. Use your words wisely, and always speak of others with love and kindness!