Being an artist from an early age, I’ve been exposed to so many different expressions of art. From drawing to painting, design, photography to film.

Over the years I’ve grown an appreciation for art, being exposed to so many different forms I guess there wasn’t too much time to be judgemental about what I was exposed to.

Experiencing something fresh or new is a great learning opportunity for me and, when engaging in something new, I try not to be too opinionated. Having good judgement I guess does help, good judgement I believe comes from the ability to discern whether something is destructive for an individual or an enhancement or preservation of life.

Forest & Sunrise

As I developed an appreciation for art I soon realised many others didn’t view art as highly as I did! Ok, I know what you’re thinking! I’m probably a narrow minded person to think everyone has to be like me.

Give me sec to explain!

Appreciation is an attribute that can be applied to many areas and not just art. One of the biggest areas I see people not being too appreciative is LIFE itself. Like I experience in art, many people don’t appreciate art like I do which I understand because it is subjective but life is a common gift for us all and nobody wants to be cheated out of their right to live abundantly. Life has its good times and its bad but nonetheless focusing on the bad will rob you of all the new good opportunities. Appreciation helps you to see opportunities instead of problems.

WORD OF ADVICE: Stay away from those COMPLAINERS!

There are so many people who love to complain about everything, it’s like a modern culture disease that we somehow encourage. Life is not that bad. We all are not perfect and are a work in process.

I believe one thing that can advance your life to an exponential level is to STOP COMPLAINING! The world is already filled with so much negativity and personally I don’t want to be a contributing factor to the problem.

We all have gifts and talents for different purposes and instead of fighting to be the best, be the best to help someone else and be thankful with what you’ve got!

I could never be an accountant but do I need someone that does accounting? Yes, and vice versa. All the art and entertainment we enjoy in modern culture are done by artists. Therefore stop the hate game and start appreciating,

We are all different with the gift of life!

Appreciate the Art of Life!