Are you open to dating?

I have noticed this year that so many who were single at the start of 2015 are still single as this year draws to a close. Comments that casually fly around are of the nature that all external factors are against those who are single and that single people are the victims and have no hope of a healthy and happy partnership.

I wonder if we took a moment to ask ourselves a few “reflection questions” if our opinions would stay the same? This is not to discredit the amazing people out there that are truly just going through the waiting period, but more to challenge the rest who actually have a world of self to endure before the world of “us” can be accomplished successfully.

  1. Do I actually know who I am as an individual and do I honestly like it?

If you are not in a place where you are your own best friend, it can be genuinely draining for a partner to come along side you and have to help you reach that level of self-appreciation.

  1. Am I secure enough to handle a failed date, to handle rejection or a turn down?

If I am not able to handle this blow, then what is it that I am really seeking – affirmation from my other half in order to be a whole? Do two halves actually make a whole? Or does one being a whole on their own bring their best forward to another whole and together they conquer greatness?

  1. Do I know what I really need?

So often we are swept away by what we want – the ideas and dreams we have gathered over the years are irrelevant to what we actually need. Sometimes we need to rethink what we think we know and challenge ourselves to think outside of logic. Being too rigid in what you think you like or dislike often disqualifies you from what could have been. I think for too many years we have been distracted by what we want in a person and not what we need.

The dating world is a harsh one at times. Hearts are disappointed and hurt time and time again. I think that dating and marriage is God’s idea and He hasn’t got bored of it. He is for it and he is for us. I know the “search” can be lengthy and all sorts of messy but I also know it can be simple and exciting. Know who you are, don’t waste time being offended, be open to new and different, allow yourself the opportunity to be amazed, don’t judge so much, laugh off the flops and embrace the future. We are all going through seasons and each season holds its challenge, but with that challenge comes priceless growth and expansion – don’t wish away this time – expansion is yours if you choose to take it with both hands.

I dare you to take the plunge and make an effort to meet new people, to make new friends. Bless someone with a friendship that has no expectations. And who knows, maybe one of those friendships will be something more. Until that day – be the best YOU that you could possibly be, the best you is the best thing this world could ask for.

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