Are You Beautiful?

A Facebook friend posted the most wonderful quote today. It said:

‘ Pretty isn’t beauty. Pretty is how you look; Beauty is who you are. Pretty is in the face and body; Beauty is in the heart, mind and soul. Pretty fades; Beauty grows.’ (Michael Josephson).

This thought really struck me and certainly got me thinking. Needless to say, I ‘liked’ it.

It’s probably not all that surprising, considering that I’m 36 (When did that happen?!) but this weekend I found not one, but two grey hairs! Maybe not a major issue for some, but up until now I’ve not had any and I’ve been quite satisfied without them, thank you very much! It’s a sobering reality. I’m getting old(er).

The truth is, that with age comes grey hairs, wrinkles, lines and all those other wonderful things that speak of the passing of years… but it would be oh so much nicer if they didn’t.

We love Julia

A few weeks ago Julia Roberts (I love her) posted a makeup free selfie on her Instagram account. In the caption she spoke of popular culture’s obsession with perfection and how unobtainable that is. She spoke of her wrinkles and being able to love herself, just the way she is.

No matter how hard you fight against it age comes to us all (even Julia). We can embrace the change and accept our lot with grace or become insecure and possibly a little odd looking as we fight the inevitable. Either way, it doesn’t matter what the packaging looks like, if we ultimately don’t love what is held within.

As strange as it sounds, I’ve never really thought too much about the way I look. I don’t dislike my face or feel ugly, I just don’t really dwell on it. That’s not to say I don’t care about my appearance. I do, but I know God made me just the way he wants me to be and besides, there is more to me than just the outside.

More than just a pretty face

As a Christian, I’m wonderfully encouraged by the thought that the parts of me that are eternal and will remain, are the things that don’t age. The precious place within me where I love my husband and children won’t get wrinkles. The bit of me that comes up with crazy and wonderful ideas or remembers special moments isn’t going to go grey. My heart, my mind, my soul and my spirit will remain untouched by age. The things that really are the most valuable; kindness, compassion, grace, respect, strength, loyalty are aspects of who we are that can remain with us, unweathered and unspoilt and just as attractive and truly beautiful in our later years as they were in our youth.

We spend so much time, effort and finance improving and preserving things that are supposed to change and yet the things that are long-lasting, should be invested in and nurtured, we tend to neglect. If all you have is an aesthetically pleasing outside but your inside is a mess, unlovely and uncared for, you don’t have much in the long run.

What makes you beautiful?

There is nothing more attractive and ultimately beautiful than a person who is at peace with their self and the only way to be at peace with who you are is to see yourself through the eyes of the One who made you. God made you perfect and he loves you the way you are. On our own we may strive to be better and improve our character and our hearts but when we allow God to have a place in our lives, he is able to give peace in a way that no other can.

So next time I spy another silvery hair or a crinkle forming I pray I remember that it’s just my wrapping doing what wrapping does, love my face regardless and while my pretty may fade, the beauty that is held within will continue to grow.

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