Living in Africa, freedom is a word you often hear being thrown around. It seems as if everyone is either celebrating their own form of freedom, or protesting their lack of it. Come to think of it, Africa isn’t the only place where freedom is a hot topic, all you have to do is look north into France to see that freedom is something that we all seem to have a different opinion on.

With so many different levels or interpretations of freedom, what does it really mean to be free? And more importantly is true freedom even possible?

I honestly believe that you can only experience true freedom once you have first been a slave. The term “slave” doesn’t just refer to someone being kept against their will, it also refers to individuals who have something in their lives that control them. You could be a slave to social media, or perhaps a slave to fashion. Slavery isn’t as black and white as we seem to make it out to be, the only thing we do know, is that we are all slaves to something.

So if we are all slaves to something, then how would/could we ever experience true freedom?

If like me, this is a question you struggle with, this video may help you out.

The only way to ever experience freedom is to know the one who holds freedom in his hands. Jesus came and died so that we wouldn’t just have life, but a life of freedom. True freedom, that doesn’t come with any requirements other than that you love God with all your heart. So why live a life as a slave, when this gift of freedom and joy is available to us!

Make a choice to no longer live as a slave, but to rather walk in the freedom and grace that has freely been given to us, by a God who loves us so much that he sent his only son, Jesus, to die for us.

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