Rehgert Van Zyl is the founder and president of Aleph Surf International and he has a desire to serve his nation and people through faith in culture.

After receiving his bachelor’s degree in sociology and anthropology, Rehgert wanted to use his knowledge to influence the youth of the nation.

In 2005, he began working for an NGO as a houseparent to street kids in George, South Africa. After spending 6 months with the kids, Rehgert saw that the main problem in South African society was that the ‘father figures’ were missing amongst households. The kids had already been set in their destructive ways of living. In order to have an opportunity to speak truth and wisdom into their lives he needed to capture their attention at a young and influential age.

Changing Lives

 He saw the need and looked at what he had: three surfboards, a car and time. He began offering street kids surf lessons in townships of Borcherds and Parkdene. The kids jumped on the opportunity to learn to surf and swim. With a group of 12 kids between the ages of 10 and 15, Rehgert discipled, mentored, tutored and loved on these youth. The mission developed into Aleph Surf International. Aleph means ‘beginning or foundation’ in Hebrew. Rehgert’s vision and hope is to see every child in every nation have a foundation set in Jesus Christ and to know they were created for a great purpose.

Rehgert has a love and passion for South Africa and wants to be a part of the solution. Here is an inspiring view from Rehgert van Zyl.

The Aleph Surf International is a pioneering program that mixes surf coaching, life skills workshops with biblical values and mentorship. This program is rolled into one package that challenges youth on the way they see the world, themselves and others around them. Throughout the process the children learn to surf and ride some fun waves!

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