Our culture is obsessed with youth: models start at age of 14 and finish their careers at 24. The beauty industry makes millions off anti-aging creams and treatments. If someone thinks you are younger than your current age it is a huge compliment. Hairdressers die grey hair and companies offer botox or plastic enhancement to create the illusion of age. Magazines are loaded with images of young women and every issue with telling you how to remain “youthful”.

What our culture neglects to understand is beauty is far more than the stretch in your skin.

Beauty is the confidence you hold, the grace you embody, and the poise you exude. Beauty is not about makeup, fat cells, or the number of years you have been on the planet. In fact, women can become more beautiful with age and maturity. A mature woman is a beautiful woman. Here’s why:

Less drama

Women are infamous for creating drama – he didn’t text me back so I’ll create a fake account, follow him, create friends for the fake account, and try to see what he was up to on that day at that time so I have a reason as to the lack of communication. Wow! It sounds crazy, yet it happens. Didn’t you have a friend who arrived drunk at her ex’s house at 02:00 in the morning? We all get a little crazy when it comes to relationships, but women who are mature are far less likely to create drama. They have perspective on issues and don’t feel the need to read into everything.

Realistic expectations

As a young woman, we often want Prince Charming. We don’t realise we are going to have to date a real person with struggles, issues, and flaws. An immature woman also overlooks great guys because she has to date someone good-looking. Mature women see things differently. She has life experience, she has realistic expectations of a man, and is able to appreciate someone great when they come along.

A good self-esteem

Immature women battle with a desire for attention and a low self-esteem. An immature woman often doesn’t value what she has been given. She wants to look like someone else, or have someone else’s boyfriend, hair, or income. These girls require a lot of compliments and assurance to make them satisfied and comfortable in a relationship. A mature woman knows her value – she knows she doesn’t look like Jessica Alba, but also that she has her own unique thing going. She doesn’t need you to compliment every outfit and hairstyle. She is confident in who she is – and that’s hot!

A healthy sensuality

You’ve all seen the girl who posts pictures of her cleavage on Facebook or who wears the dress that is three sizes too small – it’s not a beautiful thing. Women are gifted with sexiness. A mature woman is comfortable in her own skin and has learned to embrace this in a healthy way. She no longer needs to be overly revealing or provocative – she knows where to draw the line and keeps things classy. Hello!

Stylish and sophisticated

Immature women often get caught up in unflattering trends which don’t bring out their best. A mature woman is less swayed by every fashion trend that comes walking down the red carpet. A mature woman knows her body type and what looks good on it. She has learned how to use make up in a natural and complimentary manner, and when to wear jeans, or a new black dress. She is sophisticated and she is stylish.

Finally, as a woman matures she learns how to say no, and invest in only the right things. If she makes the choice to be involved with a man, she is usually serious about it. She is able to provide support because she is emotionally strong and resilient. She is able to make mature decisions about her future. She has a security and inner strength which makes her lovely. Take that beauty creams – real beauty is maturity.

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